Monday, June 17, 2013

WIFYR Wisdom--Day One

The lovely and serene Martine Leavitt said something that really struck me.  She said that books come and go, but mentoring others leaves a lasting legacy.  And she should know.  A number of Martine's students have gone on to write books of their own, including Matthew Kirby whose book Icefall I recently recommended here.

It provided me with a new way at looking at teaching--a perspective that I needed.

Thank you, Martine!


Rochelle said...

I am catching up on your blog this morning and saw that you mentioned Icefall not once but twice. I had to do a quick check to see if was at my local library here in beautiful Alaska and IT IS! Hurray. I will check it out this week and read it. I may even put on bug dope and read it outside.

Kim Woodruff said...

You and Martine and Matt are some of my favorite mentors :). Thanks for your talk at WIFYR today.