Tuesday, June 11, 2013

End days

Ken Cannon and I used to be avid movie-goers.  I mean we saw everything.  It was just movies, movies, movies with us all the time.  And then.  Kids.  Lots of them.  So we kinda stopped going and then we kinda stopped caring and then I developed (apparently) Adult Onset ADHD, which makes it painful for me to sit still for more than 10 minutes at a stretch, which is why I can do ballgames (you can keep leaping to your feet and also buy hot dogs) but not movies.


We've been determined to re-connect with le cinema, don't you know, which is why Ken Cannon and I went out on a date (as we do at least once a month) with our neighbor Rick last night to see the new Star Trek movie.  Which I liked, actually, although it should have been a good twenty minutes shorter.  Apparently books are not the only things I think need rigorous editing these days.

But oy!  The trailers!  SO MANY OF THEM!  AND SO LOUD!  And also are any major motion picture studios making films about anything besides super heroes and the apocalypse now?  About half way through, Rick whispered in my ear, "Do you think there are any actual human beings in these movies?"

And I think the answer is "no."  Because the special effects department has eaten them all.


James said...

Two movies to see:

1. Mud
2. The Sapphires (99 mins)

No superheroes, good stories, interesting character development, and no vampires.

radagast said...

With me, it's either the annoying young people (dudes, put your hormones on silent) or the annoying old people (dudes, hearing aids on full rich, please) who have soured me on the movie-going experience. If I stay home, I only have one annoying old person to tolerate.

But, dude, how 'bout Mr. Cumberbatch, what?

Lisa B. said...

Agreeing with James re the two movies mentioned. Also I love love loved The Place Beyond the Pines. And Mr. Cumberbatch was superb! (I saw it yesterday with my youngest son--Mother's Day present, score!) I do suggest going in the afternoon--fewer people, which makes the special fx more bearable, because you can laugh out loud and disturb barely anyone.

And, ahem, let me just say (speaking in my new, self-important and pompous role as a member of the SLFS board) that the movies at the Broadway/Tower are almost all human scale movies, and most of them are splendid. So alls I'm saying is just buy a membership and go there. And tell them I advised this, so I get some board member cred.

End of shill. In conclusion, THE MOVIES. I might go see Oblivion next because it looked rad.

Emily said...

I used to be annoyed that my mom would never sit down and watch a movie with us....now I totally understand. I'm with you. It's hard to sit through a movie.

I also saw STAR TREK, which was exciting because they filmed some of the scenes in my town at the National Ignition Facility. I never saw J.J. Abrams or Chris Pine, but it does my heart good to know they were in the same breathing space as me.

wjmom said...

I'm actually really glad to see you post this, because I'm basically DONE with superhero movies, and my family treats me like I have leprosy or have become un-American or something equally as horrible.