Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My favorite suggestion so far

In last Saturday's column, I asked readers to send in suggestions for great places to buy burgers this summer.  This is my favorite response:

Hi Ann

So, rather than harming yourself by eating animals and encouraging your readers to eat unhealthy by doing the same, why not help spread the message that heart disease and cancer are totally preventable with diet.  Use the power of your column to promote good health!

At first I thought my vegetarian missionary son (who's currently eating meat for the Lord in Chile) had  written this and sent it to me.  But no.  It came from a concerned reader.  Who's probably right, actually.

Still.  I ain't givin' up my burgers.


radagast said...

Pff. Healthy communists. Plus, I would totally go on a mission to eat meat for the lord, particularly to a bacon-speaking part of the vineyard.

Carol said...

I'm not vegetarian by definition but I do eat plant-based. I can tell the difference. Promote whatever floats your boat (or sinks it as the case may be.)

P.S. radagast, that doesn't make me a communist. Just sayin' :-)

Joy Buhler said...

A sister missionary in my mission (Chile) and I would do splits every once in a while. She went vegetarian in Chile just because the meat isn't up to USDA standards so I ended up having to eat her meat, which I wasn't real happy about it, but did it anyway. Good on your son for not being vegetarian in Chile.

Emily said...

Good call.

Bonnie White said...

So your plant based readers could provide great vegetarian burger joints. When you come to Gilbert, Az try the blue cheese burger at Joe's Farm Grill and then try the vegetarian made from grains and mushrooms. Both are delicious.

Here in Canada we have the Burger Inn which offers organic buffalo and elk. The plant based burger is delicious too.

James said...

To Burger, or not to Burger is not even a question in my book. Burger often! The real fundamental, philosophical question in my book is whether a vege-slab can really be called a burger. I have eaten vege-slabs. I have enjoyed vege-slabs. I love vegetables. They are Yummy and they are ZERO points on Weight Watchers! How great is that? But calling a vege-slab a burger is bit like Abraham Lincoln's story of agreeing to call the Horse's tail a fifth leg. Just calling the tail a leg doesn't mean the horse has five legs. I will join your quest to eat many burgers this summer, but they will be real burgers.

I meat, therefore I am.