Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Leek (or if I prefer, "leak")

First, let me invite you to free-write along with me.  That could be fun, right?

Okay.  Leek.  I prefer leek.  Whenever I think of leeks, I think of green onions on steroids.  Green onions that blood-dope.  Green onions that would be in the Onion Hall of Fame but then kicked out of the Onion Hall of Fame once word got out that leeks got became champions of the Vegetable Kingdom--all big and beefy and able to kick other green onions around--because they engaged in blood- doping.

So yeah.  Leeks.  The Lance Armstrongs of the Onion World.

I still love them, though.  I love them in quiches and soups, although I have to say one must be careful to really wash a leek before giving it a home in a quiche or a soup, because it seems like there's always a little garden dirt--dark and gritty-- tucked in the folds of a leek.

Anyway, my girlfriend Becky taught me how to make a good leek and potato soup.  Becky taught me a lot of things, actually.  She's the one who gave me the salsa recipe I can every fall.  I miss Becky all year round, but I think fall may be the time I miss her most because she loved the cooler weather and the colors and the comfort food that fall demands.

Comfort food like a good leek soup.