Tuesday, June 18, 2013

WIFYR--Day Two

Here's something that impresses me--published authors who are still humble enough to sign up for classes and workshops.  Not as teachers.  As students.  In the past writers like Anne Bowen and Becky Hall have participated in the conference as students, and I am blown away by their teachability.  Amazing.

And there are published writers attending as students this year, too.  When asked why he was there, one of these writers responded, "I want to learn how to write a book somebody other than depressed Mormon liberals will read."

I love this answer.  So!  Much!

Rock on, Author.  Rock on.

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Jeanna Stay said...

That IS awesome! A good laugh for me while I'm hiding in my room for a minute or two so I don't yell at my children.

Generally, pretty much any of your blog posts is good for this very purpose. Thanks!