Saturday, June 1, 2013

Outsized summer plans

Yup.  This is about all Ima gonna do this summer.  What about you?


Lisa B. said...

I loved this column. Now: please let this be the summer when

(a) you, me, the historian, and Ken Cannon go to a Bees game, and
(b) you and I eat a burger together. Someplace awesome. Hires, probably.

Let it be so.

Louise Plummer said...

A bell dings in my head whenever I drive near In-and- Out Burgers and I stop and have one. Although, I must say that I've never met a burger I didn't like.

At Bees' games, I go for the bratwurst.

As for summer goals, there's only one: sit in the sun.

Michelle Renee Stimpson said...

I had a crazy long to-do list last summer that involved a lot of reading of books that I thought I should read and a lot of study for an exam. And a lot of cleaning and organizing and other not-so-fun stuff. I just adopted your to-do list for this summer: burgers and baseball. Sounds great. And gestating. I'm going to sit around and gestate.

James said...

I heard that St. George has a Freddy's. Freddy's serves "Steakburgers" which technically may not qualify as a hamburger, but who wouldn't prefer steak to ham? They are a lot like the Steak N Shakes which cluster in the midwest, and dot the rest of the US landscape.

Vegas has Fatburger, which contrary to what the name would suggest, serves only the leanest meat. Try one with chili and egg on top, if you like chili on burger that is.

I like the Tommy Burger in So. Cal, but I do have to put a shout out for Mega Tom's. Its across the bus parking lot from the Barstow Station (home of the McDonalds in a train). Their Chili Cheese Burger is near the top.