Friday, June 14, 2013

When a TV show gets cancelled

I started watching Vegas in the fall, partly because I like that bald gangster guy and partly because I have happy memories of staying at the old Stardust hotel in the 60s with our parents, who were particularly fond of a show called Hallelujah Hollywood!  I remember my dad saying, "Okay, fine.  The girls aren't wearing tops.  But it's still tasteful."

Anyway.  It was one of the shows (Vegas, not Hallelujah Hollywood) that was pretty good in some ways (cool dresses!  cool little gangster hats and skinny ties!) and that could have been a lot better in other ways.  Dennis Quaid, for example, was a problem--always glowering.  But it was the same kind of glower all the time, like he'd had a huge hit of Glower Botox.  Also, they kept changing the night it aired (a sure sign that a show's in trouble, right?) and after awhile I lost interest and stopped watching.  Just like the rest of America, apparently.

Still.  This morning when I was out dead-heading my roses (yup!  me going all gangster on my flowers!) I started wondering what would happen to all those characters.  Especially the bald one.  And it makes me kind of sad that I'll never know.

See what deep thoughts I have first thing in the morning?

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Bonnie White said...

I have never understood Dennis Quaid's ability to work. He has two facial expressions: slight smile and glower. He's as stiff as a frozen nightie on a - 4o F prairie clothesline.