Sunday, June 30, 2013

News about the column

Here we go, kids.  This week's column!

BTW, the column will be moving from the Saturday paper to the Wednesday paper.  It'll be on the front page of The Mix section.  They're changing some things around at the Trib, and I think this will actually be a good move for me.  I already have a Fourth of July column for this Wednesday.

Meanwhile, thanks for indulging me on the writing prompt thing.  Wanted to try something a little different.

Have a good Sabbath, all.


Ashley Miller said...

Avid reader and admirer of your writings. I've just finished a book that cleared all the hogwash from my brain and got me excited for writing, writing, and writing more - thought I'd pass it on. "The Habit of Being, Letters of Flannery O'Connor," can be picked up at the library. Don't know if you're a fan of hers, but either way, its full of language, phrases and such that can't stop my grin from growing. She says "Nothing shocks like conventionality," and I figure it'd be relative to you seeing as how you do so well at seeing the abstract in the ordinary - no easy task for us amateurs. Happy Reading!

Also, just for a head bopping while gardening:

Ann said...

Thank you for checking in, Ashley. I appreciate the suggestions!