Sunday, June 23, 2013

TRQ and the Costco

This weekend TRQ spoke these dreaded words:  "Will you go to Costco with me?"

Okay.  I am not a Costco-lover.  I don't object to Costco on any kind of philosophical grounds the way some people object to Walmart.  I just go into sensory overload the second I walk through the Costco entrance. My brain shuts down.  I get stupid.  I walk out with things I didn't mean to buy, such as a life-size stuffed moose toy that my granddaughters are afraid of.

So.  I don't go to Costco.

Except when TRQ demands it.

TRQ LOVES the Costco.  It's Grocery Store Disneyland for her.  She happily scoots her mammoth-sized cart around, sampling spinach pizza slices and Coach's Oats.  She chats up the employees.  She fingers the beach towels.  She slaps the watermelons on their plump green behinds like they're babies in the delivery room.  She is in her ever-loving element.

And all I can do is to trail around in her wake, praying for a quick and painless death.

Please.  Light candles for me.


Emily said...

Oh Costco. I have a love/hate relationship with that place.

Am praying for you.

CSIowa said...

Ever since I had a bad check-out experience while 9-months pregnant, I feel emotionally drained when I leave WalMart. Why does Target feel so much nicer? Is it because the employees know the difference between a pineapple and a coconut?

I am ambivalent about Costco. My husband considers going there a date. I will say that it is better than Sam's Club.

shelley said...

I'm the same way at Costco! Seriously! I write out an extremely specific list of things to buy, and cling to it like a raft in a hurricane.
It's the diapers. Gotta buy those in bulk, because I hate spending any extra money on diapers. But I always buy too much fruit, because they look so good!