Sunday, June 16, 2013

Tonight at the taco cart

We celebrated Father's Day last night because everybody had other places to be today.  So for dinner Ken Cannon and I went to a taco cart on State Street.  This, may I add, is the upside of being empty-nesters.

Anyway, I noticed Ken was looking at a group of kids with a tiny smile on his face.  "They're pretty cute, aren't they," he observed.

And they were.  That's true.  But what I loved is that he noticed.  Ken was the youngest child in his family, and he frankly didn't have a lot of experience with kids when we married, nor did he find them particularly interesting.  So I think it was a huge surprise to him that he had so many of his own.  There was a learning curve to be sure.  But he stepped up to the plate (always happy to use a baseball metaphor when speaking of my husband) and took care of his own.  I can't tell you how much I respect that.

And now all these years later, he's happy to let other people's kids knock his socks off, too.

Happy Father's Day, Ken.


Lisa B. said...

I am mad with joy that you went to a taco cart for Father's Day. And also that you used the baseball metaphor, and commented on that fact in meta-narrative fashion, and also that you wrote this about Ken Cannon, your husband. Lovely.

Bonnie White said...

Sounds like we married men of the same ilk. Yesterday after stake conference a little family dropped by to visit and Bob was having such a blast feeding them a snack and teaching them how to stand on their heads. We aren't grandparents yet so look forward to that chapter. What is a taco cart? We don't have these in Calgary, Ablerta? I think I might be missing something delicious.