Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lemonade stands

This morning on the Radio from Hell show, Gina Barberi noted that there are 100 lemonade stands in her neighborhood at any given time.  And tonight when I pulled up in front of our house, I noticed my neighbor boy had a lemonade stand there on the front lawn, and so I did say unto myself, "Yes.  Gina Barberi is right."

Only when I got closer, I noticed it wasn't a lemonade stand.  It was a duct tape stand.  He had rolls of different colored duct tape out of which he could make wallets and hair bows.  So I ordered two hair bows and this is what he did for me.  The cost?  A buck for each one.

And now I am the proud owner of the coolest hair accessories in America.


shelley said...

You'll have to wear them at least once when he is sure to see it. They are fab :)!

wjmom said...

You're a good neighbor for that budding entrepreneur!