Friday, April 12, 2013

Toe Shoes

This is what I bought today:

1.  black leotard
2.  tights
3.  ballet slippers

I bought these today because I want to start taking ballet lessons again so that maybe I can realize my dream of wearing toe shoes.  Which is a dream I had when I was fourteen.  But then I went to high school and got busy.  And also I had weak ankles.  So I eventually abandoned the dance lessons and concentrated on having crushes on unattainable boys and wrecking my dad's VW every now and then instead.

Seriously, I am an old lady now who does NOT look so very cute in that black leotard thing I bought.  But ballet lessons is on my To Do list--the one I drew up when I was on that cruise in France with my parents a few years ago where it occurred to me that if I wanted to do anything physical, I ought to get busy while my pins were still good enough to hold me upright.  Hence the walk across England.  And the marathon.  Now ballet lessons.

Who knows?  I might only last a few lessons.  But at least I'm gonna try.


radagast said...

Brava, Ann! And many happy pas de chats.

shelley said...

That is so wonderful. Way to go, Ann!

Lisa B. said...

this post makes me so so happy.

Louise Plummer said...

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Angypants said...

I bet you look great in those shoes!

Melody said...

And weak things became strong unto them . . . like unto strong ankles. Good luck. God speed, sister.