Thursday, April 4, 2013

So maybe that's what's going on . . .

I've been so forgetful lately.  Like, I'm just screwing up right and left.  Leaving things all over this valley.  Blowing off appointments.  Double-booking myself.  (The worst so far is that I accepted a speaking engagement here in the valley, while I'm also supposed to be in Las Vegas.  Can I clone me so I can be in two places at once?  Or would that merely double the problem of me being me, spreading my own brand of chaos wherever I touch down?)

Also.  I haven't been sleeping.  I finally got up last night at 3:00 after hours of not falling asleep, and I've been awake ever since.

I was complaining about all of this to Jan at the bookstore (I've picked up a few shifts this week) and she asked if I were stressed out about anything.  Because you know how stress is.  It can make you forgetful.  And tired.  And not able to sleep, which only makes you more tired.  Which is why you say yes to speaking engagements when you're supposed to be eating Cuban food with your brother at that restaurant right next to the Precious Slut Tattoo Parlor in Vegas?

I said what me?  Stressed?  Not really.

But then I looked at certain parts of my life and went oh yeah.  I am.  Like, I really, really,  REALLY am.

How is it we can see so clearly what's going on in other people's lives?  But not always our own?

Oh, Life.  Aren't you just the mysterious one?


James said...

Choose Vegas. Let the clone do the speaking engagement.

Louise Plummer said...

Sometimes, you make me nervous.

Lisa B. said...

I hate when I haven't been sleeping, and I hate when I hear you haven't.

I hope there's some relief in sight, darling Ann.