Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thoughts about Boston

This week's column!

Wrote it yesterday, e-mailed it to Editress Lisa late last night, found it online this afternoon.

More tomorrow . . .


Louise Plummer said...

I like this so much, Ann.

radagast said...

You're amazing, Ann.

Heidi said...

Really great column

Emily said...

Ann, this was beautiful. Well said.

My sister ran the Boston Marathon a few years ago. I followed her on her tracker throughout the morning and cried when she told me the stories of all the supportive people along the way. My favorite part was Wellesley Girls. This is a prestigious all girls school and after Heartbreak hill, the most famous part of the run.

My sister said you could hear the screams from a mile away. And when you get there, it's a screaming tunnel of girls. She said it was awesome.

I thought about this and all the people, not just the runners, who make the Boston Marathon what it is. I am not surprised that there were so many acts of heroism that day...after all, aren't these marathon supporters already heroes?

Thanks for your column.

Anonymous said...

Read it. Loved it.