Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hey, ya'll! It's a non-fiction writing retreat this summer!

So, I am teaching at two very different conferences this summer--WIFYR and (see above) the Solstice Writing Retreat.

I'm looking forward to this one, because it's different than what I normally do.  The emphasis is on crafting non-fiction.  Dean Hughes, the organizer and criminal mastermind behind this endeavor, has asked me to teach a section devoted to column-writing and blogging.

Okay.  Everybody knows that there's no Pioneer Woman or Dooce stuff going on here.  My blog is a bare-bones, non-revenue-generating enterprise.  But I find that for me at least, the processes involved in writing a column and keeping a blog are intertwined in very satisfying and useful (!) ways.  It will be a pleasure to explore those processes (for me, for you) in a workshop setting.

Think about joining us this July in beautiful Midway.

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