Sunday, April 28, 2013

Home again, home again

We just got home from a quick trip down south, where we hiked to Calf Creek Falls, ate a fine lamb burger in Boulder,  and said hey to some of our favorite hoodoos in Goblin Valley.  Throw some perfect weather into the mix, and you cannot get a better weekend going than that.

I will say this:  our bed at the inn right near the mouth of Capitol Reef left a little to be desired.  For one thing, it was small.  A double.  Which feels especially tiny if you're used to a king.  The thing about a king (for good or bad) is that you feel like you're sleeping on separate continents--one of you is sleeping in North America, for instance, while the other is sawing logs in South America.  Also, the mattress was lumpy.  A bed like that makes you glad to be home on a Sunday night, watching The Good Wife, and that's a good thing.

Otherwise how could you stand to leave behind miles and miles of red rock and sky?


Emily said...

For me, the best part of trips is the anticipation of coming home. It makes being away that much sweeter.

Louise Plummer said...

I love my beddy so much. I think it may be worth more than my car. Glad you had a good time.