Monday, April 22, 2013

Pop quiz!

I've started running in Liberty Park again where I have ample opportunity to observe dogs and their owners, and while I know we shouldn't make broad sweeping generalizations about our fellow human beings--even if we want to--it does seem to me that certain people choose certain dogs.

So who do you think the typical pit bull owner is?

Did you say white women in their twenties?  Because you'd be right if you did.


Lisa B. said...

Isn't that funny? There was also a complement of young men with pit bulls when we used to frequent the dog park. Also, perhaps of interest is the fact that I get a certain number of research projects every semester, the line of inquiry of which is something like, "Pit Bulls: Spawn of Satan or Mega-Sweetie Pies?" Or maybe "Whither the Pit Bull?" So--there's that.

radagast said...

And how 'bout those Newfie owners? Salt o' the earth.

shelley said...

I feel like everybody has a shih-tzu or chihuahua. Or at least all my neighbors do.

James said...

Pit Bull owners in Las Vegas are typically:

1. 20ish Men searching for street cred by wearing a booty of bling, tattoos, NBA jerseys (Kobe), sagging shorts;

2. Their girlfriends; and/or

3. Girls wanting to be girlfriends of number 1.

I do not have Pit Bulls. Rather my "les Biches" are a Jack Russell Terrier named Lexi and a Disney-esque Cocker named Buffy.

I could use some bling, however.