Monday, April 15, 2013

Except here's something I DO take personally

You know how last week I was all blah blah blah I don't take things personally anymore?

Well, I do.  THE WEATHER, YOU GUYS.  I take the weather personally.  And while this is totally not fair in any way, shape, or form, I hold Ken Cannon responsible for it.  Dude loves winter.  Snow.  Rain.  Coolness.  Mist.  Moistness.  The gray.   FREAKING FINLAND.

But when it's summer, he suffers.  Generally not in silence.  Although I must be clear that one of the things I love most about him is the fact that he lives completely out loud, so I am not criticizing him for complaining about the heat.  It's just that in Utah we only have the unbearable heat for maybe six weeks.  He only has to complain for six weeks.

Whereas, look outside your window right now and you will see what we have a good part of the year here.  I rest my case.

And so, yes,  I'm grumpy.

And I have been in a fighting mood ever since I woke up to skiffs of snow on the road on this, the ides of April.

And Ken Cannon was way nice to me even though I told him it's all his fault that we have days like this.


Emily said...

I feel your pain. I live in California which is a magical place. Winter here is like a Utah spring. So we have spring for, like, six months. I'm not saying this to make you feel bad.

I promise.

James said...

You should live in Utah for the Winter and Las Vegas for the Summer. That way you can be equally miserable and happy suffering through Shakespeare's Winter of Discontent (you) and Martin Luther King's Summer of Discontent (Ken).

The word I have to type in so I can post this drivel is a derivation of your attitude this morning: Nortbut.

cfarr said...

I'm so glad to know who to blame! Haha!

Louise Plummer said...

Okay, I'm good with blaming Ken.