Sunday, April 14, 2013

I dreamed a dream

Last night I had a dream that was so upsetting to me that I don't think I'll share the details here.

However.  It did make me reflect on the way I dream, which is always in symbols.  Really, really OBVIOUS symbols.  Like, if you paid a scriptwriter to write my dreams for me, you would just have to snort in disgust and say, "Really?  We gave you good money to come up with this?"

My favorite example of this is the dream I had when we had our hands full with boy stuff going on at our house.  I dreamed that I was called to be a BOY SCOUT LEADER.  And that I had to rough it WITH A BUNCH OF BOYS up in the mountains.  And that one of my tasks was to ride a bike UPHILL ON A NARROW HANDRAIL.  And I kept saying, "IT'S SO HARD TO RIDE THIS BIKE IN MY BOY SCOUT LEADER UNIFORM UPHILL."  And at night when I ate in the mess hall, the cooks kept piling my plate high with meat.  Lots and lots of meat.  And I kept pleading with them to stop, saying, "YOU GUYS!  STOP!  MY PLATE IS TOO FULL!"

See what I mean about the obvious symbol?

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