Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How to Have Fun with a Granddaughter

1.  Pick her up first thing in the morning.
2.  Yes, it's true the sight of you makes her WAIL.
3.  But you know that 5 minutes after the two of you take off she'll be fine.
4.  Okay.  10 minutes.
5.  Go to the library.
6.  Ride the glass elevator to the top floor.
7.  Go outside onto the roof and look at the mountains.
8.  Notice "silly flowers" growing on roof top garden.
9.  Ride the glass elevator to the lobby.
10. Join other kids for story time.
11.  Chase bubbles.
12.  Make a frog hat.
13.  Go to McDonald's and hang with two little redheads wearing pink tutus in the playroom.
14.  Go home and make cookies.
15.  Eat dough.
16.  Lots of it.
17.  Watch TV.
18.  Play with Polly Pockets.
19.  Wonder silently why Polly Pockets have so many damn shoes.
20.  Tell her it's time to go home.
21.  Smile with satisfaction when she says she doesn't want to leave . . .

That's how you do it, Folks.


Amelia said...

This sounds like a very productive day in little girl land.

radagast said...

Just perfect. And I'm guessing you didn't have a single thought the entire time about "purpose" or "loose ends." And also, glass elevators are way cool.

Lisa B. said...

This sounds just about the best thing ever. (Also, extra points for Polly Pockets.)

cfarr said...

These are the best days! I agree with Lisa...extra points for playing with the Pollys! That's all my granddaughter wants to play with at my house, too;)

shelley said...

If you think she could handle a bit of a drive, you both would always be welcome down here. Our house IS little girl land.