Thursday, April 11, 2013

That right there . . .

. . . is my niece's broken ankle.  Her husband sent me that picture last night.  Not her best angle right now, I think we can all agree.

It's a bad break.  She slipped on a patch of black ice yesterday morning when she was out running, and THIS is how the Universe rewarded her desire to be all fit and healthy.  The Universe, I have discovered, has a very dark sense of humor.

Anyway.  I'm thinking of her as she goes into surgery today.  I'm also reminded of my broken wrist days which were far more trying than I would have expected, the lasting legacy of which is that I still use my left hand more than my right hand, even though I am allegedly right-handed.

Good luck, Doll.  We love you.


Emily said...

Every time I see the word surgery, I think it's sugary, which is a much happier word.

I hate how the universe does this. Also, I think you should bring your niece something sugary after her surgery. Just saying.

wjmom said...

Dear Universe,


Said with love (and fingers crossed),