Friday, August 9, 2013

Things to Fear in the Avenues, Pt. One

The very first week we moved to New York, our son Dylan came running into our new house and told us he'd almost been hit by a tree.  We scoffed.  HAHAHAHAHA.  Because we were scoffing parents. And besides trees don't hit people.  People hit trees.  Just ask my new BFF at Liberty Park who was engaged in peacock avoidance maneuvers.

Anyway.  When we went outside later we discovered that a tree the size of Jack's beanstalk had fallen across the street and up the entire length of our driveway, taking down power lines with it.  So yes.  Apparently our son had told us the truth.

I bring this up because today Nancy told me on our walk that she'd seen with her own two eyes (both of which work) where a tree had crushed a car in the parking lot at the State Capitol yesterday during a microburst.  Of all the things you think might happen to your car during the course of a day, getting crushed by a tree at the State Capitol isn't necessarily one of them.

Which leads me to this:  when you're a kid and doing class reports, the teachers are TREES ARE AWESOME!  Trees make leaves which make air.  Or something like that.   Anyway, TREES ARE OUR FRIENDS!

Except in Babes in Toyland, of course.  Or when they're falling on top of kids and cars.


Megan said...

When we lived in Sugarhouse, a hundred-foot-tall spruce fell on our house during a big storm. The good news is that coniferous trees are bouncy and not super destructive when they fall on houses. The bad news was that we were out of town and literally saw our house on the news, with a hundred-foot-tall spruce draped across it.

Bonnie White said...

When you think of Babes in Toyland the trees are just one of the many creepy things to frighten a kid.

Emily said...

Ha! The Forest of no Return. I will definitely have THAT song stuck in my head all day. Thanks for that.

I love that we often don't believe our kids. Like when my kids kept telling me that our rooster was attacking them and I was like, toughen up. AND THEN, the rooster attacked me and I had bruises on my shins and later that day, I chopped his head off and skinned him and put him in the crockpot and we had chicken tacos.

They were good.