Friday, August 2, 2013

8! Utah! Authors! Speak!

. . . about their favorite books when they were growing up.  You can read the article for yourself in the Trib today.

There were two books that meant the world to me while I was growing up--A Wrinkle in Time and Little Women.  I so identified with both Meg Murry and Jo March it was scary.  Not, however, as scary as the time I identified with Haley Mills and went around speaking in an English accent for most of the second grade.

No wonder everybody hated me then.

Oh yeah.  When I wasn't speaking in a fake English accent in the second grade, I told people I'd been born on Saturn.  As you can imagine, that made me even more popular with my peers.

ALSO in the second grade I wore corrective shoes, which meant that our teacher made me play hopscotch with the other girl in our class who wore corrective shoes.  Cindy Ekins.  We let each other step on the lines in the ninesies and tensies.  We supported each other that way.

The other thing I did in the second grade?  I dared to eat paste.  And actually I did earn a certain amount of respect among the boys in our class for that.

Gee.  It feels really good to get all my second grade business off my chest this morning.  Thanks for listening.


Marianne said...

I wanted my parents to get a divorce so I could find out I had a twin. and that my parents were loaded.

Michelle Renee Stimpson said...

You and me would have totally been friends in second grade.

radagast said...

One of the LOL-iest posts EVER!
In second grade I had a crush on Miss Atkinson. She was so dreamy. She had a lime green dress and a gravity-defying hairdo.

Lisa B. said...

I'm not sure how I missed this awesome post. Let me just say that

(a) I also identified with MM and JM in deep, passionate ways. and

(b) Hayley Mills OMG. I lurved her soooo much. But I never did

(c) dare to eat paste, and thus the only thing that earned me the respect/loathing of my peers was my superb spelling ability WOE. However, I did secretly lick paste from my fingers when no one was looking.

CSIowa said...

I learned how to ride my bike in second grade. I was late to school because I stayed home to help my mom bake cupcakes to celebrate. We had a class party which involved me riding my bike in front of the rest of the students and then eating said cupcakes. I'm pretty sure that my teacher wanted the other kids to see that there were things that were hard for me, just as much as she wanted to motivate me to do something hard.

I'm pretty sure that I had slightly higher social status than Bruce Who Peed Down the Slide.