Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Like a kid

Louise, correct me if I'm wrong.  But didn't you tell me that you've notice how I often say I like an activity--biking, running barefoot--because it makes me feel like a kid again?

Or did I make that up.

Please lie and tell me you said that, because it would make an EXCELLENT intro for a column I'm thinking about doing.  Which brings up this question for you, my fabulous blogging friends--what makes YOU feel like a kid again?  If I write this column, I may use your response, although I will let you all remain nameless.



Emily said...


Cindy Stagg said...

Anything that happens on my front porch makes me feel like a kid again. Playing games, eating watermelon, waving to the neighbors as they go by -- loved doing them as a kid, still do, always will.

Louise Plummer said...

Yes, I said that. You know what would make me feel like a kid? If we got a dozen people together, lay on the floor in a circle with each head on someone's else's stomach and began laughing.

Or I'd like to toilet paper some pompous person's house, or steal flowers from the church gardens, but I think you warned me that they have CAMERAS.

It would definitely have to be silly. There's a lot of risk in being silly at seventy. Your children could have you institutionalized or medicated.

Come to think of it, how bad is that?

Louise Plummer said...

Now you have me thinking. When I get back to Daybreak, I am going to swim in the lake at night after the guards have gone home. This is now my sacred goal.

Carol said...

coloring books and crayons.

It's okay to color outside the lines.

In black.

Or purple.

Only thing that would make it better is listening to an episode of "The Shadow."

Dancing naked in the rain is a close second.

Heidi said...

Playing with my kids - Legos, wooden train tracks, paints, etc. Also, riding my bike.

Becca said...

Swimming in real water -- the kind of lake water that turns your swimming suit green.

Bruce Luck said...

The ice cream truck and running through sprinklers.

Lauren said...

Climb trees.

Finger paint.

Build blanket forts.

Have a water balloon fight.