Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Non-fiction for kids

I've got a deadline today, so I'm scrambling.  A little, anyway.  Back when I wrote a lot for Utah Holiday I would talk about stories in terms of how many cheeseballs I would snack on while writing.  Like, I'd say THIS IS A TWO CHEESEBALL STORY!  And that lent me an air of importance, don't you know.

This isn't a two cheeseball story.  But I've left it longer than I should have.  I'm writing about what's available in non-fiction for kids these days.  I have to say I'm enjoying non-fiction in all arenas even more than fiction right now.


Marianne said...

Where can I find this article? We just listened to all of Percy Jackson which led to books on Greek Mythology for one kid and my other kid keeps asking me about different types of governments and I would really like to just find a book and say, "Here, kid, read this."

Emily said...

Me too. I recently read PACKING FOR MARS, which was interesting and funny. My book club almost always chooses non-fiction, and I love it.