Monday, August 12, 2013

Eating a buffalo

Okay, first.  I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday.  We did a whirlwind trip to Vegas to attend my nephew's farewell, and in all that whirlwindy-ness, I didn't find time to sit down and write.  Can we have one of the thousands of posts I wrote during Oscar night count?

Thank you!  You guys are way cool!

Meanwhile last week, Doni and I went to Cucina here in the Aves, a place I've had mixed feelings about over the years.  But it was close and convenient, so we walked over there, where I discovered they now have a dinner menu with actual wait service, etc.  Anyway, our server (who was v. cute and friendly) talked up the special, i.e. a bison burger.  I was in right away because this is My Summer of the Hamburger.   But Doni demurred for a moment.

"I don't know how I feel about eating a buffalo."

Our server took this as a comment on buffalo as a food source--that it might somehow be all fatty and bad for your arteries like regular hamburger.  She said NO!  Bison is a super food!  It's like awesome lean protein!

Which wasn't exactly Doni's point.  It's just that some meats we can eat without thinking twice.  But others?  Not so much.  Can we really?  Dare we?  Isn't that meat taboo somehow?

In the end we both ordered the bison burger, and I have to say it was really good, partly because bacon was also involved.  Oh, Bacon!  You make everything awesome!

Anyway.  I had a point originally, but I can't remember what it was, because I have been distracted by the memory of that burger and how good it was and also by the thought that I am not sure I can use the words "buffalo" and "bison" interchangeably.


Lisa B. said...

I mostly feel that way about "cow," but sometimes you feel moved to make a burger exception.

Bonnie White said...

When I saw how the French sell their chickens with feathers, heads on and claws, I was more enthused than ever to follow a plant based diet. But a veggie burger just doesn't have that yummy deliciousness that Alberta Beef and Blue Cheese provide.

Kim Webb Reid said...

Hmm. Cucina. Used to go there for the meatloaf sandwich till I found out I liked Sixth & Pine's better. But bison . . . ? Maybe I will have to go back.