Monday, August 5, 2013

For a good time (in sacrament meeting) call us

Some of you will remember when Ken Cannon had his fake heart attack a few years ago.  I found him slumped over at his work desk, all drenched in sweatiness, the color of a scary wax icon, with a couple of his co-workers standing around, wondering what to do next.

Apparently calling an ambulance didn't occur to them.

Anyway, I ran him up to the hospital where they kept him overnight for observation--because who doesn't want to take a gander at Ken Cannon in a hospital gown now and then?--and then released him the next day without finding anything wrong.

Well, yesterday in church the same thing happened.  Suddenly Ken was covered with sweat, and he went all yellow and gray.  Also, he was a little disoriented.  Finally, Rick Horne (whom I sometimes call Paul Bunyan--another story for another day) helped me get Ken out of the building and into the getaway car supplied by Geoff "the Hammer" Cannon, who drove Ken straight home and put him to bed.

I made Ken promise that if he felt any worse, he had to tell me so I could get him to the ER pronto.  "Please don't put me in the position of having to explain to the ward why I let you die at home instead of taking you to the hospital," I said in a very loving wife voice.

He is much better this morning.  In fact, he put on his going-to-work clothes and went to work.  Hopefully we can get figure out what causes this, right?


shelley said...

Oh that's terrible! What kind of tests are even available to figure out something like that?

Emily said...

This is frightening. But I love that Ken has going-to-work clothes. That makes me feel like he must be important. My going-to-work clothes are sweats.

And I agree with Shelley, surely the medical community could figure out what it is. You need someone like House.

Megan said...

Oh dear! I hope someone can figure out what's happening to Ken Cannon. I love that you use his first and last names when you refer to your husband. Hope he feels much better now. And no relapses.

Jo Ann W said...

Have you looked into his blood sugar levels? Thinking of you both... Take care.

Joseph said...

medication list???
Sounds a helluva lot like serotonin syndrome. Blood sugar also a good consideration. Or multiple potential electrolyte abnormalities... or arrhythmia, or TIA... or... he needs to be evaluated while in the spell dangit

Bob the Woodworker said...

That Ken Cannon, always coming up with new ways to draw unwarranted attention to himself. We may have to put on his tombstone, "I wasn't sick, I wasn't sick."