Monday, August 19, 2013


Not Sherlock.  My dog.  The little Cav.

So here's the deal.  He's turning out to be one of my favorite dogs EVER.  Why?  Not because he's a typical Cav, which (as it turns out) means he's sweet-natured and ready to please.


I love this dog because he is a natural-born glutton.  He wakes up, wondering what he's going to eat.  And then he spends the rest of his day pursuing it.  Driving around the valley looking for Mexican cokes.  Heading out for a cupcake.  Eating ice cream at the Hatch Family Chocolate Store.  Buying tacos at the taco cart in front of Sears.  Ordering a southwestern burger from Tony's Burgers.  Going to 7-11 to get a Dr. Pepper.

Oh wait.  That's me.

Holmes and I?  We are muy simpatico.


Megan said...

So nicely done. I laughed out loud.

Lisa B. said...

Why oh why am I not driving around with you? I want to be IN on these adventures.

James said...

Next year. You, Holmes, a rag-top, and I-80. Head to the Iowa State Fair for all sorts of food fun. Chocolate covered bacon, anyone?