Sunday, August 18, 2013

A summer ritual

I think you know by now that summer is my favorite season, although I will say yes.  It's been a lotta hot this year.  We'll all be happy to say adios to some of that.

Anyway.  I've been feeling the summer slip away the last few days, and I realized I hadn't done the one thing I always try to do at least once a year--sleep under the stars in my backyard.

This is something I usually end up doing by myself, because COME ON.  Would you want to sleep on a basketball court in the backyard of an old Avenues house?  Nay. (Although Quinton the Hippie sometimes did before he went to Chile from whence he sends letters talking about missionary work and asking if I can send him some pachouli soap.  Oh, Quinton!  Your mama misses you!)

Well last night I finally did it.  After we came home from the Bees game, I made myself a bed outside and went to sleep under a dark full sky and only woke up whenever the cat decided to lick me, including once on the nose.  Which is weird.  No one wants a cat licking them on the nose in the middle of the night--at least if we're being honest with ourselves about things.

But otherwise I had a perfect summer evening.


radagast said...

I love that you do this, Ann. You're my model for how to live life!

Lisa B. said...

I was thinking recently about the one time I've done this as an adult, in the west desert. A friend was kind enough to help get all the paraphernalia together to do it, and the sky was absolutely seething with stars. It was so thrilling I could barely sleep. Wonderful, you. I felt then that I needed those stars. I wonder if I could do this, too?

James said...

Great way to connect with your inner child. My wife and her cousin used to sleep under the stars and pretend they were in a salt shaker. The stars were the holes to the salt shaker.

I hope the cat: (1) your cat; and (2) licked you before cleaning itself.

Emily said...


Val Harker said...

Oh I love that you do this! I used to do that too until we got coyotes in our backyard. They are cool to listen to -but imagine one or all of them licking your nose? YIkes!