Monday, August 26, 2013


So, I'm back.  And I did have myself a very productive four days of writing, although I have discovered that my attention span is as bad as I feared it was.  I don't have the mental stamina to stay with a project as long as I'd like to, it turns out.


I wrote.

Also, as I wrote I could hear this amazing bird call outside my window--loud and rattling--and when I rushed to see what made that noise, I found cranes.  CRANES!  They took my breath away.

I'm trying to link to some information about them here.  You need to hear them for yourselves.


Bruce Luck said...

Obviously you weren't writing in he avenues.

Emily said...

So glad you got some writing done. Today is the first day of school and my house, for the first time in forever, will be quiet. I'm hoping to get some writing done too.

(I'm also a little bit sad that my house will be so very quiet. But only a little bit.)

Kim Webb Reid said...

You must have gone back to Midway?? Where else are there sandhill cranes?