Saturday, August 10, 2013

Another witch is dead

First order of the business:  I had fun earlier this summer rush-writing about the nouns you sent me.  Vampire.  Aardvark.  And so on.  So PLEASE SEND ME SOME MORE NOUNS.  I feel the urge to do a little rush-writing this week.

Second order of the business:  Last night I saw a shooting star.  And, like I always do whenever I am lucky enough to see a shooting star, I said, "Another witch is dead."  Because that's what people said when I was growing up.

Or at least I think that's what they were saying.  Maybe they were actually saying, "It's time to go to bed" or "What's that on top of your head?" or "Did you put the shovel in the shed?" or "It appears the neighbors have fled" or "I fell and then I bled."  They could have been saying any of that, because I wasn't a premium listener when I was a kid.

So my point is this--did you ever hear that saying about shooting stars and dead witches?


Megan said...


Jeanna Stay said...

Never heard the saying, but it does explain a lot.

CSIowa said...

picture frame

Lisa B. said...

I always thought you were supposed to make a wish? But yours is good too.

Rochelle said...

I have never heard that saying. Here is a noun for you:

Dianna said...

I have never heard that saying, but I love it.

A word: beehive