Friday, August 30, 2013

Going gray: wherein I ask the Universe a question

First, let me say I think all my friends who have let the silver naturally happen look AMAZING.  I sat across the breakfast table from Lisa B. the other day, and all I could think was how much prettier she is now than when we were kids.  And she was way pretty back then, too.

So there you are.

But.  I have never considered letting myself go gray.  Women in my family don't do that.  As I've said here before, the last words TRQ's mother ever uttered on this planet were,"I need a tint tomorrow."  Her hair was red, red, red until the day she died.  And, in fact, the day after she died, too.  Meanwhile, the Coach's mother--a lady who had to put on platform sandals (which she often did) to clear 4'9"--kept an ongoing journal about everything she did to her hair.  So you can see that graying is not really an option in my world.

Until yesterday when I realized I have roots showing again, even though I just did something to them.  And that doing something to them takes a) time and b) money, and I am so so so so so lazy these days I don't want to mess.  Not anymore.

So I floated the question out there to the Universe:  "Should I let myself go gray?"  Then I went to Target, because why not go to Target every chance you get?  Anyway, while I was at the Tar-jay, all these women my age practically kept running me over with their shopping coats--not because they were hostile but because (like me) they're blind.  Or mostly blind.  In my case, I still have enough vision left to notice that all these shopping-cart-crazies who were my age had graying hair.  And it wasn't cute.  It was like the Universe answered my question.  See, Ann?  This is what you'll look like when you run someone over with a shopping cart.  Is this what you want?

I appreciated the answer.  Truly.  Who doesn't want to look their best when they ram a shopping cart into a stranger's backside?

  Only I wish the Universe would get around to answering some of my larger life questions now and then, you know?


radagast said...

Don't get me started on the Universe. Also, I gotta get me one a them shopping coats from the Target. Loved reading your post, Ann, comme toujours.

Ann said...

I love me my Radagast!

Bonnie White said...

Ann go get lowlights in your hair. Seriously go to Lunatic Fringe on Parley's Way and tell them you want lowlights and that you don't want to colour your hair for six months. I promise you will be happy. Don't go grey, silver or anything like unto it. Yes some can pull it off. Some are even more beautiful (ie LP) but you my blog friend need colour - in your brows, on your lips and in your hair. You MIL and TRQ knew what they were talking about.

Emma said...

Ah, the topic of what to do with your hair?..this topic was always an issue in my house growing up. Hair coloring was done frequently,and it didn't always look so great. You have fab hair though,don't go gray, especially with fall and winter coming upon us. There is too much gray in winter, so why not keep the color off your head and instead have happy, colored hair that feels warm and sunshiny!