Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Things my son's mother told him

Today as Phil and I were driving out to meet Kim, who wants to put some of Phil's art in her uber cool store, The Paisley Pomegranite, I (apparently) went a little too fast for comfort.  His comfort.  Not mine.  According to him I nearly ran into a guy and a car.  And also a guy IN a car.

HIM:  I remember something my own mother once told me . . .

ME:  Your mother?

HIM:  Yes.

ME:  As in me?

HIM:  Yes.

ME:  What did this mother say?

HIM:  She always used to say it doesn't matter how fast you get to where you're going.  The only thing that matters is that you get there safely.

That was pretty much the end of our conversation, but what I wish I'd said was this:  Well YOU guys didn't listen to your mother.

So why should I?


Donna said...

his mom should be listened to.
The other day I was teaching my last relief society lesson, I was released Sunday....I am quite sad. 4 years as president was a long wonderful time.
I shall miss the associations...and the good parking spot.

James said...

If you can get there faster AND safe, then why not do it. More time to enjoy paisley and pomegranates and cool pictures by bright young artists.