Sunday, July 7, 2013

What living forever may do to you

This week I had lunch with my good friend John who is a lover of the Greek classics.  He reads both the Iliad and the Odyssey like some people read scripture.

Anyway.  He made this interesting observation.  The Greek gods (with perhaps the exception of Zeus) are frivolous.  And why are they frivolous?  Because they have nothing but time and time and time again on their hands.  Which means none of their choices matter.  There are no stakes.  There's always tomorrow.

It isn't that way for the humans they deal with, of course.  They have to choose because there's only so much time.  And their choices are meaningful because of that.

Here's to choosing what matters.


radagast said...

I choose to read your blog, with what little time I have left.

Lisa B. said...

that's a great perspective. I will ponder it all day today while I try to write a draft of this damned chapter introduction. which I do not have a good attitude about, it goes without saying.