Monday, July 1, 2013

And now I'm embarrassed

. . . because I think that last post sounded like I was fishing for compliments.  Which I wasn't.  At least consciously.  But perhaps I was unconsciously.  I'll bring that up with a therapist, okay?  Really, what I wanted to say is how much I adore the personal essay form.  Whenever I need renewal I check in with E.B. White.  Or James Thurber.  Or various Mitfords.  Or David Sedaris.  Or Mike Birbiglia.  Or Anne Lamott.   Or Joan Didion.  Or Richard Selzer.   Or blogs written by wise and funny friends.   (Feel free to post who some of your favorite essayists are.)

Meanwhile, thanks for your kind comments.


Melody said...

All of the above. [not really. I haven't read all the above. just White, Sedaris, Lamott] I also enjoy a few blogs by younger folks - some really rich and witty mommy bloggers out there. A few anyway.

Anne said...

Remember "The Night the Bed Fell" from The Thurber Carnival? Genius.