Friday, July 19, 2013

I dreamed a dream

No.  I didn't dream that dream.  I'm not Fantine and no one shaved me bald onscreen.

But I did dream last night that I went to Liberty Park to ride my bike.  Only instead of riding my bike, I spent all my time messing around with my helmet and my gears and my tires--none of which I actually know how to do in real life.  And then I realized my time to actually ride was gone.  Frittered foolishly away by my foolish frittering.  And I didn't get to ride.

So now this dream is going to be my spirit guide.  I'm getting older.  Time is starting to run out.  Memo to self:  focus instead of frittering.

(Except, of course, if I feel like frittering.)


Lisa B. said...

Dammit, I have already frittered today! I needed to read this post, like, four hours ago!

Kim Webb Reid said...

I'm only 33 and frittering is my biggest phobia. And habit.