Monday, July 29, 2013

Grubby little dreams redux

Last night Ken Cannon and I finally got around to watching ZERO DARK THIRTY, which has been sitting on the counter top for months now.  Anyway, it obviously inspired my dream last night wherein I was chasing Osama Bin Laden.

However, I had a certain complication set in, which was that I couldn't find my shoes.   AND HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO CATCH BIN LADEN WITHOUT MY OSAMA-BIN-LADEN-CATCHING SHOES ON?  So I was tearing through my room, throwing towels and clothes and newspapers around looking for my shoes.  Which I did, in fact, find under the dog's bed.  But then I couldn't find my socks.  So I finally decided I would wear a pair of my kids' socks, but my kids kept grabbing them away from.  It's like for the first time in their lives they wanted to actually wear socks.  And I was all DON'T YOU PEOPLE UNDERSTAND?  I HAVE TO CATCH OSAMA BIN LADEN!

What I think is interesting about this is that even when I'm dreaming on an epic scale, i.e. the Free World is counting on me to catch Terroristo Numero Uno, I am still having my grubby little dreams wherein I'm dropping toast butter-side down on the kitchen floor or tripping in sprinkler holes at Farrer Junior High School or hearing sales clerks laugh at me behind the curtain when I try on swimming suits.

P.S.  I also dreamed last night that my friends had a New Year's Eve party and didn't invite me.  I KNOW!


Louise Plummer said...

I envy your dream life. Well, I envy you, period.

James said...
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James said...

You didn't get invited to the New Year's Eve party for one simple reason...they were afraid you would come with your Osama Bin Laden Getting Shoes on.

Cindy Stagg said...

Last week I had a dream that I went running...and I don't run. In the dream, I couldn't find one of my shoes, so I tied a piece of cardboard to the bottom of my foot and then went running in the park! I should have told you sooner so that you could have borrowed it from me for your dream! You might have captured Osama much sooner!