Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Things I would and would not plant again

Roses.  I would plant them over and over.  Same with peonies and Oriental poppies, iris and cosmos

Myrtle.  This I would NOT plant.  I didn't plant it in the first place.  It showed up in my garden like an unwanted guest, like a mime who harasses you on a street corner in San Francisco because he knows how very much he's annoying you.  

Daylilies.  These belong in the "I might, and then again I might not" category.  I like them in much the same way I like CASTLE on TV.  It's a pleasant enough TV show, but I'm not passionate about it.  


radagast said...

I do not like that myrtle at home.
Would you, could you, with a gnome?

Lisa B. said...

In the "I would not plant again" category: I would not plant the three (3) Scotch Broom plants I planted awhile ago in a very sunny spot. Because now they are a Scotch Broom Thicket, and while they are lovely when in bloom, they are just broom-y and not particularly lovely when not, and they are blocking my passage to the side yard. When it is no longer so hot, I will take out at least one, probably two, and possibly ALL THREE of them. Sorry, Scotch Broom.