Sunday, July 28, 2013

A new day

Yesterday it was like a CRANKY BOMB went off in our house.  All of us (me, Geoff, and Ken) were irritable, quick to criticize, quick to take offense.  Also, Ken Cannon wanted to have the air-conditioning on full-blast even though I personally wasn't hot.  So there you go.  It was a bad day.  And by the time we picked up Phil for Weekend Hamburger Club (wherein we motor around the city to eat another new hamburger) we were a morose crew, and Phil, having no idea what the day's backstory was, must have felt like he'd wandered into a family therapy session gone bad.

But here's the good news.  We all went to bed.  And woke up.  And it's like someone pushed the re-set button.

Thank the good Lord for new days.


Marianne said...

All I focused on in this post was the Hamburger Club and how I want to start one but then realized my town is so small it would last 8 weeks.

Megan said...

You have a gift for making something crappy into something funny. Also, I like the word "motored." It's reminiscent of an era when peopled "phoned," and paid a weekly visit to their "beauty operator" at the hair salon.