Friday, July 5, 2013

Fourth of July, Deja Vu

For years Ken's siblings and their families always decamped to his mother's house on the Fourth where there was much eating and playing of games on the side lawn and wading in wading pools and sliding down stomachs on the "slippy slide," which invariably turned into a mud bath.

It was all good times.

Then the kids got older.  And the parents got older.  And after awhile the party turned into a quiet affair, sort of like lunch at a rest home.  Which was okay.  I like rest homes.  And lunch.

But YESTERDAY!  Oy!  All of the cousins are grown up with bambinos of their own and suddenly Ruth's backyard was a-hoppin' all over again.  It felt like 25 year ago.  Only without the stomach muscles.

Hope your Fourth was a happy one, too.

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