Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Vampire column

Here's why keeping a blog is a good thing for me.  I'm able to take stuff I rush write here and turn it into a column.  Re-gifting to myself, people.


Lisa B. said...

Loved this column. I feel the same way about vampires that I do about zombies, because I think I was taken to a George Romero, Dawn of the Dead era (maybe it was DotD itself, even!) zombie movie by my friends' parents when I was, like, ten, and it scared the beJesus out of me. No thanks to horror films for me!

Elena Jarvis Jube said...

Oh, please! Finish your Selkie book. Celtic paranormal could be so refreshing. Especially written by you. Falling in love with a seal--is that so weird? I mean, what little girl from the 70's didn't have a huge crush on Robin Hood the fox in that Disney cartoon? That swishy tail...Ok. Never mind. It's weird.

Loved your column. Dracula always freaked me out. Vampires: not romantic. Just gross and creepy.