Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Yesterday at the P.O.

So I was standing behind this guy with MAJOR tatt-age going on.  And by major I mean HOLY COW THIS GUY HAS NO SKIN LEFT ON WHICH TO TATT.  (My favorite tatt, btw, was the one behind is left ear that said "Stay golden.")  Yes!  A skin shoutout to Ponyboy!

Anyway, I try not to trade in stereotypes, but if you stood behind a guy with this much going on skin-wise, would you assume that he is a) a freshman at BYU or b) a gangsta?

Fine.  He's probably neither one.  But still.

Well, the man standing in front of my Mr. Tatt was an older gentleman.  A chatty older gentleman who was talking to the guy in front of him about Viet Nam and World War II and possibly various other wars, as well.  When that conversation was over, this gentleman turned to Mr. Tatt and started chatting him up.  Here's what he said.

"My wife and I moved here from North Carolina.  We like Salt Lake City, except there are lots of gangs here."

And I went in my head STOP. TALKING. NOW.

But he didn't.  It was all gangs, gangs, gangs.  Much to his credit, Mr. Tatt was very polite.  His mother would have been proud.  And so was I.

Nicely done, Mr. Tatt!


Kamp Kyburz said...

This is why we wouldn't dare miss church.

James said...

I am smiling ear to ear. I think writers capturing interesting snippets of humans interacting/smashing into other humans is writing at its highest point. There's a real world unfolding outside the cell phone. We just have to stay alert, and stay golden. Tatted up or not.

Lisa B. said...

This kind of observational stuff is the best--and really, well done on being so polite, tattooed gentleman. The stereotype-busting is the best kind of busting, especially at the P.O.