Sunday, August 30, 2015

Happy birthday, Lisa B.

I don't post very often on Sunday, mostly because I'm usually avoiding contact with my computer on the weekends to avoid WORKING.

But I just wanted to hop on here and give a big shoutout to my friend Lisa B., whom I met when we were mere babies at the BYU.  I first noticed her standing in a line to watch a foreign film where she was talking passionately about something--I can't remember what--and I thought unto myself, "I want her for a friend."

And, lo, my wish was granted.

I feel lucky to know her--am forever awed by her intelligence and generosity and her un-snobby knowledge and consumption of all things popular cultural.  Plus she has great taste in shoes.

Happy birthday, Friend.


Louise Plummer said...

Happy Birthday, Ann's friend, Lisa B. Happy Birthday to you.

Lisa B. said...

Thank you, Louise Plummer, and thank you, darling Ann, whom I have always felt cooler than school to know, and so much more. How lucky are we, to have known each other so long? And to still be having breakfast, and talking about everything under the sun? xoxox