Monday, August 10, 2015

To Our Survival

This is the name of my friend Megan's fabulous blog, which you can find here.  Go read it.  Relish her way with words, her honesty, and her great heart.

Anyway, that phrase "to our survival" has played through my head these past few weeks as we've celebrated the wedding of our youngest son to a wonderful woman.  I haven't gone into much detail here, but I think anybody who reads this blog knows that it's been a difficult rodeo for us the past year or so.  And somewhere along the way, I misplaced my joy.

But as I looked at my sons, standing in a line with their white shirts and striped bow ties, I thought you know what this family is good at?  Resilience.

We do resilience.

And what more could you ask for?


Paige said...

I like that phrase, "misplaced my joy." I get that and I've been feeling that since moving north. And we are working on resilience around here. Thanks for sharing your friend's blog. She's so honest.

radagast said...

Reminds me of Pam Houston's phrase, "I had forgotten about joy." Not that, after a rough patch, we are suddenly filled with joy and everything is hunky-dory. Just that something will happen, now and again, to remind us, "oh yeah, I used to feel other emotions, as well. There was this thing called joy. Maybe I could feel that one again." You bring my life much joy, Ann. Hope you find more of it for yourself in the coming days.

Megan Goates said...

I love you, Ann.

Lisa B. said...

the best thing to be good at. it will stand anyone in good stead.

so good, so good, to catch up on so many blog posts. I love you.