Monday, August 17, 2015

Question for the day

So I'm sitting here working and I notice my dog (the one sleeping on my feet) is whimpering in her sleep like she's having a bad dream.  Discuss amongst yourselves.  What constitutes a bad dream for a dog?


James said...

A plate full of Hot Dogs that the dog can snatch with ease from the dinner table, only to find out that their veggie-dogs.

Paige said...

Hmm. I was thinking that our dog would be sad about being left behind again, since she was in shelter/foster care for so long. But actually it's made her scrappy and that's just my human emotions imagining that she'd be sad without us. She'd find a way to be happy. No bad dreams about that. I think she'd be whimpering about all the other dogs playing without her. She really loves company and needs a friend around to play with.