Thursday, August 20, 2015

What's the point of that?

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day--a woman in her early 80s--who told me that when it came to their children, her husband had always been "stingy in love."  This, of course, is her take on things, although knowing her as I do, I suspect she's probably right.

I've been turning that phrase "stingy in love" over and over in my head since then and feeling the sadness of it.  Of all the things in this world to be stingy with!  It's just so unnecessary to withhold the very thing that can make anything and everything feel more worthwhile.

What a waste.


Joseph S. Ramirez said...

Being stingy in love means he really didn't have any. Love is something that when you have it, you are giving it. Poor dolt.

Lauren said...

You, my friend, are definitely NOT stingy with your love!

James said...

If he was actively stingy in love, then poor father. He missed out on a grand life. Some Pater familias are patterned that way, I think. They aren't stingy in love, but they may be emotionally retarded by the testosterone coursing through their veins and the historical expectations of what means to be a Man. The cure? I say give them home perms.

Lisa B. said...

too sad.