Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Well now there's been a wedding in our family

Here's this week's column.

I actually wrote it last week because I knew we were going to be busy.  And yeah.  He was actually married on Saturday up in Logan.  It was a magical day.  Truly.  A lovely ceremony followed by a small, intimate reception in an apple orchard hung with lights and festooned with wildflowers.  There were tacos and dancing involved.  Because there was a mildly Latin touch to the whole event, my grandson wore a Mexican poncho and my granddaughter had a Spanish fan.

Happy, happy day.


Paige said...

What a lovely toast. Congratulations to your son and his new wife. I'm glad they found each other. My sister got married about a week before your son. There was a hamburger truck instead of tacos. Lots of flowers and a chandelier hung in the backyard. I got to help with flowers which included an early morning trip to the LA flower market where I felt a little like Eliza Doolittle.
My brother just had a birthday. He doesn't like cake so my sister, the recently married one, made him a doughnut cake. Basically it was a stack of doughnuts and doughnut holes but for him, much better than the usual birthday treat.

Lisa B. said...

Oh! this sounds so beautiful. I'm sorry we weren't there to celebrate with you.