Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What my granddaughter said

Okay, first off you need to know that my grandkids call me "Tutu," which is Hawaiian for grandmother.  Not that I'm Hawaiian now, but I'm pretty sure I was in a previous life.

So, anyway, this granddaughter's family has a very old pug that is a good candidate these days for Dog Depends.  My granddaughter asked her father (my son) why their dog has started leaving calling cards in the house.  (I hope you appreciate how delicate I'm being here.  Because I'm going to stop in just a minute.)

GRANDDAUGHTER:   Why does Leila poop in the house?

SON:  Because she's old and her butt is broken.

GRANDDAUGHTER:  But Tutu's old and her butt isn't broken.

Just so you know.


James said...

Haha. That nearly made me reverse snort the portuguese sausage I just ate.

Greg and Jayne said...

He should have said, "Oh, one day it will be, Sweetie"

Paige said...

And hopefully never will be.

Lisa B. said...

You're not old. She's just really, really young. Is my opinion, anyway. I realize, this is not the point.