Friday, August 14, 2015

Tiny letters to the things I like about this time of year

Dear Peaches,
Yay!  You're back.  I almost didn't notice until TRQ told me that the red havens are almost gone.  How did that even happen?  Just so you know, I will NOT be forgetting you from here until the last of you are gone.

Dear Crickets,
You show up earlier in the season in St. George, which is why I always go to bed with my window open down there in spite of the heat.  I like the way you sing me to sleep at night.  And now here you are in Salt Lake making happy evening noise, too.

Dear Corn and Tomatoes,
I could eat you three times a day.  In fact, I do!

Dear Early Morning Dog Walks,
I know.  Ken Cannon and I look like a parade when we leave in the morning with all three dogs.  But right now it's still light and the sky this morning was dove gray and pearly pink.

Dear Sky This Morning,
Thanks for being all dove gray and pearly pink.

Dear Phlox,
Thanks for blooming for such a long time this year.  You've been the champs of my garden.

Dear Baseball Games,
I don't watch you closely, I'll admit.  But I like to have you on almost all the time.  I find your chatter and slow-moving ways quite soothing.


Ann Cannon


James said...

Beautiful. I find it hard to like this time of year in Las Vegas, but i need to focus on things other than the heat. We have crickets, peaches, tomatoes. i am going to focus on those.

Emily said...

I'm here and this is lovely.

Lisa B. said...

I am horrified that I have not yet gone to the farmer's market for beaucoup to tomatoes and peaches and corn! But I will, and soon. Your letters remind me that this is important. Maybe more important than syllabi?