Monday, May 20, 2013

Today's writing prompt

Again, this is taken from The Pocket Muse by Monica Wood, which (btw) you should consider purchasing.  It's full of engaging, user-friendly prompts and advice.  Sara gave it to me for Christmas one year, and I've hearted it very much.

Here goes:

Write about TROUBLE resulting from a good deed.

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James said...

There is a highly specific latin, legal term synonomous with Trouble following a good deed. Its called "pro bono publico." For example, you do a solid for the public good, and pretty soon you are in family court listening to threats: "Don't f-ing talk to the cops, don't f-ing talk, don't f-ing don't." Or you may find yourself listening to some sordid detail about a 70 year old boss's unusual sexual harassment techniques. Or you somehow end up on a plane with your client, stuck on the tarmac, and the client not knowing where you are sitting stands up in the middle of the plane begins shouting: "Hey, where are you? Where you?"

Of course there is a good side to pro bono work. It is gratifying to help someone in need, and sometimes there are perks that make it worthwhile, like the handmade tamales from the peruvian lady who needed her gym membership revoked.